深圳国际LED展直击 | 透明屏、小间距成主要亮点
深圳国际LED展直击 | 透明屏、小间距成主要亮点

2 月 21 日,第十五届深圳国际 LED 展、第十一届深圳国际数字标牌展及第十七届深圳国际广告标识展在深圳会展中心拉开序幕,为期三天。作为 LED 行业的重要“风向标”之一,此次展会吸引了各大厂商前来参展。

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    值此新春之季,第十五届深圳国际LED展于2月21-23日在深圳会展中心隆重举办。LED CHINA 2019是LED行业年度首展,是全球LED行业风向标,是最完整的LED产业链盛会。
    AG旗舰厅国际厅成立于2005年,是国家高新技术企业、深圳市知名品牌企业,2012年在深交所上市(股票代码:300303),专业从事SMD LED器件研发、生产与销售,主要产品广泛应用于移动通信、液晶显示屏、照明、小间距显示屏、透明屏、汽车电子、数码管等领域。
    AG旗舰厅国际厅现有灯珠生产主设备1665余台套,灯条SMT 41条线,灯条月产能20KK。公司坚持“质量是连接客户的桥梁”“做精、做强、做大”的经营思路,通过内生外延相结合的方式,重点打造SMD LED、半导体封装、膜材三大业务板块,努力发展成为令人尊敬的世界级优秀企业。
                                          深圳市AG旗舰厅国际厅光电股份有限公司副董事长、总经理 高四清



    Dear Sir / Madam:
    As the New Year begins, everything is new.
    On the occasion of the Spring Festival, the 15th shenzhen international LED exhibition will be held in shenzhen convention and exhibition center from February 21 to 23. LED CHINA 2019 is the first annual exhibition of LED industry, a bellwether of global LED industry and the most complete event of LED industry chain.
    Jufei company sincerely invites you to visit booth G16 in hall 9 during the exhibition, and review our products including 1020 display screen components, 3012 transparent screen components, MiniLED modules, automotive LED modules, lighting leds, light-bars, and various backlight LED components. We also welcome you to join our new product launch conference of 1020 and 3012 products held by our company in the morning of 22nd and listen to our report on the new progress of MiniLED packaging in the afternoon of 22nd.
    Jufei Optoelectronics Co., Ltd was established in 2005, it is one of China High-tech Enterprises and a well-known brand enterprise of Shenzhen. On Mar 19, 2012, Jufei went public in Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 300303).Jufei company specializes in R & D, manufacturing and marketing of SMD LED devices. The main products are backlight LED devices, lighting LED devices, LB, small pitch display LED and automotive LED etc.
    Thanks to the support, cooperation and care of our customers and the joint efforts of all jufei staff, since 2010, Jufei's annual compound growth rate of operating revenue has exceeded 35%, and its revenue will continue to grow steadily in 2018.
    Jufei has more than 1665 sets of main equipment for LED production, with 41 SMT lines and a monthly production capacity of 20KK LED light bars. The company adheres to the business philosophy of "quality is the bridge connecting customers" and "be more precise, stronger and bigger". By combining endogenous and epitaxial methods, the company focuses on building three business segments of SMD LED, semiconductor packaging and membrane materials, and strives to develop itself into a respectable world-class excellent enterprise.
    Dear friends: Spring flowers grow into autumn fruits and bring us a bright future. Gather together because of love, we sow hope in the spring, and enjoy the joy of growing up. With sincerity equal, win-win cooperation, let us continue to innovate and create brilliant!
    Happy New Year! I sincerely wish you a happy family, good luck! And I wish you prosperity and success!
           Shenzhen Jufei Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. Vice chairman and general manager 高四清

    January 18, 2019 ​